Sustainability has been an integral focus for Skycastle Construction since we opened our doors. Our principal, Scott Rodwin, has helped lead the green building movement in Colorado for over twenty five years, and our staff are experts in the area. The local green building codes are some of the strictest in the country and if you are building here it's important to have a thorough understanding of how these codes work and how to meet them. We taught Boulder's official Green Building 101 course for five years, and currently teach “Understanding the Rules for Building in Boulder.” 

Our work has received numerous awards including local, regional and national “Green Home of the Year” as well as’s “Best Of -Service” for the last four years in a row.  Our projects have achieved the highest level of 3rd party certification including EnergyStar, LEED Platinum, Net-Zero Energy, and even a “regenerative” house (one that generates more energy than it consumes).

We approach the design and construction of your project with a whole-systems prospective. We look at the site and the opportunities it presents. We consider energy, natural resources and environmental health in every aspect of the decision-making process. Ultimately the intention of designing this way is quite simply to create a place that works with the world rather than against it. The result is a building that lives lightly on the land, consumes fewer resources, doesn't pollute, is comfortable to be in, is healthy for you and your family, is easy to maintain, and is a joy to live in for a very, very long time.

We have worked with nearly every green building system and product and can bring you an informed and experienced perspective in selecting the best systems for your new home: Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs), straw bale, photovoltaics (PV), solar thermal, geothermal (ground source heat pumps), radiant floor heating, and non-toxic products.  Importantly, because we create your project from the perspective of both the architect and builder, we are able to help you evaluate and recommend the most cost-effective and architecturally elegant way to achieve your sustainability goals.

Whatever your sustainability priorities are, we can help you bring them into your home. We make it easy to be green.


What's the use of a fine house if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on?

-Henry David Thoreau