Our first “Regenerative” home, Farmhouse was on last year’s green home tour.  It produces more energy than it consumes which means that the owners get a big check from Xcel every month (and free energy for their EV car). Farmhouse achieved a HERS negative-8 rating, Energy Star v.3.0 and a LEED Platinum Certification.  It’s sunny, open, functional floorplan connects on all sides to the permaculture landscape for true indoor/outdoor living, and embodies the owners’ desire to tread lightly on the earth.  Detailed wood craftsmanship throughout the home reflects the owner’s love of Mission style furniture. The home was elegantly tailored to the owners’ needs while simultaneously achieving an extraordinary level of sustainability. See it featured in

Function Meets Beauty

Farmhouse recently made waves in the press with Boulder Lifestyles’ publication of our LEED Platinum home! Read more to find out about our client’s vision for their home, and how Scott Rodwin and the team was able to make it a reality.

Top Green Materials and Practices

Here is an article featuring our President, Scott, as he discusses green building. Material selections and heating/cooling systems are just as important as dealing with site waste disposal months later. Take a look at these 11 steps of utilizing green materials and practices that we think are worth prioritizing.

Meet Tim

If you’re building a high-quality project, you want a guy like our Senior Site Supervisor Tim Roddan. He’s the ‘buck stops here’ guy on many of our best houses over the last five years. He talks straight and is a stickler for the highest quality construction. Tim brings 38 years of experience and a dedicated, no-excuses, problem-solving attitude to the jobsite. It shows. His projects regularly end up with amazing energy performance, flawless finishes and a great connection with the homeowners. If you are very lucky, you might get Tim on your next project.

Coco's Art Box

This unique remodel and addition is for a one-of-a-kind client. Coco is a prolific artist with an eclectic, exuberant, rebellious and decidedly quirky approach to life, art and architecture. Perhaps more than any project we’ve ever done, this house truly embodies our client’s personality and mission. The Art Box is a tall, sunny, versatile loft, with funky windows punched in seemingly random patterns to create surprising and delightful views.   {Read More} 

“It is a living-sculpture dream come true!”

– Coco